#HeritageTreasures day 2018!

Happy #HeritageTreasures day! Credyd: John Ferguson
To celebrate the UK's incredible and diverse heritage, we've named 11 January annual #HeritageTreasures day.

To celebrate the UK’s incredible and diverse heritage, we’ve named 11th January annual #HeritageTreasures day.

A nature reserve full of native wildlife; an intriguing museum artefact; a Roman archaeological dig site; old football memorabilia; a Victorian aqueduct; an oral history recording of a precious memory; or a tour led by an enthusiastic project volunteer – what is your favourite heritage?

To get involved share your #HeritageTreasures with us on social media using the hashtag and let us know why you’ve chosen it. 

HLF is the largest funder of heritage in the UK and since 1994 has awarded £7.7billion to over 42,000 projects using money raised through the National Lottery. Isn’t that amazing!?

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Staff #HeritageTreasures picks

Jamie is a Team Assistant in the London regional team and has chosen the hedgehog. In the 1950s there were around 30million hedgehogs in Britain, but today there are fewer than one million. National Lottery funding is helping London Wildlife Trust to reverse this trend. “They are trying to locate where hedgehogs live in London, and there is even an online map which enables Londoners to record their sightings.”

Share your #HeritageTreasures posts with us on social media using the hashtag, and let us know why you’ve chosen it.

“The Jane Austen Museum is one of my #HeritageTreasures and with HLF support the museum has been able to rationalise its collections and acquire items relating to the life of Jane Austen. My favourite bit is that they found fragments of original wallpaper and recreated it to show how the rooms would have looked when the Austens lived in the house.” Heather, HLF Funding Framework Manager.

“All of my #HeritageTreasures relate to my memories and what a place or object reminds me of.” Rosie, HLF Social Media Editor, has chosen The Family of Man by Barbara Hepworth at HLF-supported Yorkshire Sculpture Park because it’s a sculpture she has visited throughout her life with her own family.

Ros Kerslake, HLF Chief Executive, says: “My favourite #HeritageTreasures are gardens - such as Arundel Castle, which I visited with my family recently.” 

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This is the second #HeritageTreasures Day. Check out last year's posts using the hashtag and don’t forget to add Heritage Treasures Day to your calendar for next year!

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