Southfield Aircraft Hall, Newark
HLF has awarded grants worth a total of £9.4m to heritage projects in Newark*, or £209.22 for each local resident.

The value of individual grants awarded has varied, ranging from £3.7m for the creation of the National Civil War Centre within the Old Magnus Buildings to £11,440 for the Coddington Heritage Book.


Newark is a small town in a rural area. Its population is comparatively old, with little diversity. Residents of Newark are more likely than those living in other research locations to say their area has not changed over the time they have lived there. Nearly half believe this (45% compared with 32% across the whole study). And residents like Newark: they are more positive about their town than the average for this research, with 89% agreeing it is a good place to live.

Awareness of the Heritage Lottery Fund is one of the highest in the research – and awareness of locally funded heritage sites and projects is also very high. Ninety-six percent of residents surveyed know about the HLF-funded Newark Castle and Gardens, while almost all are aware of the Palace Theatre (96%), Sconce and Devon Park (93%) and the historic building restoration work carried out in the Town Wharf area (67%).

It’s not surprising therefore that residents are highly supportive of the way Lottery money has been invested in Newark’s heritage: 73% describe HLF’s investments in the town as a good or excellent use of Lottery money – higher than the average of 69% across all 12 areas.

The largest HLF funded project in the town is the establishment of the National Civil War Centre in the Old Magnus Buildings. This project was still in development at the time of the research, and not due to open until 2015. Despite this, 59% of residents are aware of this project and two-fifths of those think the project is having a beneficial impact on life in the town.

About the research

The research in Newark-on-Trent had two stages. Firstly, background data was collected to understand how it has changed since HLF’s inception. Secondly, 350 local residents took part in a quantitative telephone survey to understand attitudes towards Newark and its heritage.

Heritage projects in Newark

The research project focused on the following heritage sites and projects, which are also reflected in this map.

*Grants awarded to projects in the Newark research area up to September 2013.

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