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The Online Community is a friendly forum for you to share knowledge, learning, and discuss issues relating to your HLF-supported project. It is also a place to connect and network with people in heritage and other relevant sectors, with a view to strengthening and enhancing your HLF project.

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Connect with HLF grantees, project managers and heritage professionals to share best practice and discuss common issues.

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Join us monthly for special one-hour chats on wide-ranging topics, featuring internal and external expert guests.

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A forum to connect people working on Landscape Partnerships projects to share knowledge.

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A space for anyone interested in engaging young people with heritage, to connect and share knowledge.

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Connecting people involved in Skills for the Future and Training Bursaries projects with others interested in heritage skills.

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A space to connect Resilient Heritage and Catalyst grantees, and those interested in fundraising.

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  • Yesterday we hosted a really informative live chat about working with consultants . We heard first-hand from consultants about why their work is important and how it can help with your HLF application or project delivery, how to go about employing them and who much it costs, and importantly, how to... read more

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  • On the 21st and 22nd February I attended the BRICK Conference 2018. The conference was titled ‘Learning for the Future: How to evaluate the impact of heritage projects’ and across the two days delegates and speakers explored the importance of evaluation in heritage, what it entails and how to do it... read more

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  • The FSC BioLinks project aims to improve our capacity for recording and monitoring natural heritage by providing training in invertebrate identification and recording. It soon became apparent during our consultation that the sector was having difficulty recruiting young adults as active biological... read more

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  • Last week we hosted a really lively live chat about engaging young people in heritage . In fact, it was our most popular live chat to date! It was great to hear first-hand from young people about why they love heritage, why they think others should love it too, and how we can all go about removing... read more

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