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Grantiau o £100,000 i £5,000,000
Please note: the last deadline for applications for all grants over £100,000 under our current Strategic Framework will be 16 August 2018 for a decision in November or December 2018.
View the New ideas need old buildings video which highlights the benefits that revitalised buildings has bought to the community

We are no longer accepting applications under this programme.

Mwy am y rhaglen grant yma

We’re passionate about the difference our projects make for heritage, people and communities. We take account of the outcomes your project will achieve in our assessment. You can read about these in the application guidance.

Applications go through a two-round process. This is so you can apply at an early stage of planning your project and get an idea of whether you're likely to receive a grant. Then you can send us your detailed proposals. At the first round you can also ask for funding to develop your project.

There are some additional documents we highly recommend you read:

This essential reading can all be found on our Guidance for applying page.

If you've got a question about applying, or delivering your project, join in our Online Community to get advice from grantees who've already been there and done it themselves.

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We are no longer accepting applications under this programme.

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