Children on a snorkel safari in Cornwall
The UK is home to a huge variety of important habitats and species.

As the recent UK State of Nature report shows, these habitats and species are in trouble, with 56% of UK species in decline.

We are committed to engaging people and communities to take an active role in helping to identify, conserve and manage our natural heritage. 

What has HLF done for nature?

Over 70,000 people have volunteered, trained or worked in the conservation sector through HLF funded projects

Thanks to National Lottery players, HLF has supported £548million of projects aimed at improving biodiversity including helping nature conservation organisations to purchase of nearly 80,000 hectares of land.

To understand the scale of impact we've had, we spoke to nature conservationists and analysed grant award data for our What has HLF done for nature? research report. 

Nature-focused projects

'HLF sees our support for natural heritage as a vital area of work'Sir Peter Luff, HLF Chair

You can apply for funding for a project focusing on nature through a number of our grant programmes - including Sharing Heritage, Our Heritage and Resilient Heritage.

Yorkshire's Back Garden is our campaign highlighting awareness of Yorkshire and the Humber's beautiful landscapes and wildlife.

Find out about other projects we've funded:

Cornwall's marine heritage

Your Shore worked across five Voluntary Marine Conservation Areas to provide activities to help local people understand why they must look after the sea and its wildlife.

Kent Heritage Trees

This project has been designed to increase people’s physical access to, and understanding of, heritage trees across Kent.

Urban river enhancement scheme

The Brun and Calder rivers were largely hidden and neglected. This community-led project breathed new life into them and helped bring salmon to the river for the first time in decades.

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