Intangible heritage in landscape schemes

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I am pulling together examples of the huge variety of intangible heritage and oral histories that we fund at HLF (which we also call cultures and memories). I’m aware that there is some really interesting work happening in Landscape Partnerships. Please tell me about any examples you have of recording people’s memories and/or exploring intangible heritage, such as cultural traditions, traditional skills and knowledge, dialects, performance, etc.

Any links you can share to web pages, films, audio, etc. would also be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Melissa  (Policy adviser for intangible heritage and volunteering)

proffil Melissa Strauss's Melissa Strauss Sep 18 2018 - 11:50am
  1. Hi Melissa,

    Our “Life on Marsh” project is capturing the oral histories of those who live and work on the marshes. So far 33 interviews recorded and transcribed - from Coypu catchers, to marsh men, mill wrights, land owners, farmers, to reed cutters and river inspectors.

    Full transcript and short audio clip for each here

    The audio is particulary good as some of the interviewees are proper Norfolk bor!


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