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I'm looking at LEADER match funding to contribute to our scheme and wondered if anybody else has used LEADER on a Landscape Partnership scheme, if so I would really appreciate a chat about it.




proffil Andrew Golightly's Andrew Golightly Oct 4 2018 - 10:35am
  1. Hi Andy

    We have - 07775 228926.

    Cheers, Richard

  2. proffil Richard Haynes's Richard Haynes
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  3. in reply to

    Hi Richard

    Thanks for the response, tried your phone a couple of times and its dead. 




  4. proffil Andrew Golightly's Andrew Golightly
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  5. Hi Andy

    yes we have too, I am just getting to grips with my first claim!!


  6. proffil Cathy Hopley's Cathy Hopley
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  7. We ran a LEADER funded project in the Colne Valley Regional Park a few years ago, don't understimate the amount of time required for claims and reporting!

  8. proffil Stewart Pomeroy's Stewart Pomeroy
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