EcoCoLife Conference: 'Realising the gains from natural connections' soon

The EcoCoLife project is holding its final conference, Realising the gains from natural connections, on 6 December 2018 in Stirling, Scotland.

The conference, which is free to attend, celebrates the near completion of the EU LIFE supported EcoCoLife project and will look forward to ensuring that lessons learnt from its experiences and successes and those of other landscape scale projects are captured to inform future landscape scale conservation approaches that will benefit people and wildlife.

You can learn more about the EcoCo project and register for the conference at    

Here’s a bit more about the conference:


“To build a consensus on the benefits of habitat networks at a landscape scale, and how to maximise them for greatest impact.”


Have you thought about why there is so much focus on “landscape scale” conservation? This one-day conference will explore what can be achieved with the restoration of habitats at a landscape scale and how we can best design and use habitat networks to tackle pressing environmental problems, including biodiversity loss, people’s disconnect with nature and the threats of climate change. 

The conference will hear from EcoCoLife and other Life projects about the way these issues have been tackled and success achieved using a landscape scale approach, before considering what more needs to be done to reduce future threats to biodiversity and provide greater benefits to people. 

You will hear from subject experts and seasoned practitioners experienced in landscape scale project design and delivery, and take part in a choice of interactive sessions that will draw on your experience and knowledge to move forward a consensus on how we should use this approach here in Scotland and beyond.  The conference will produce a “consensus for success” summary report from the conference proceedings.

Conference themes

  • Species and habitats conservation
  • Ecosystems resilience to climate and environmental change
  • Benefits to people through their connections with nature


  • Share the experience and achievements of the EcoCoLife project including;
  • Implementation of the Ecological coherence protocol and measures for its revision (EcoCo practitioners guide)
  • Learn from others who have implemented similar approaches (including from the EU Life Programme)
  • Understand the potential benefits of using these approaches in Scotland and elsewhere
  • Determine a consensus on “why and how we can use habitat networks at a landscape scale to benefit Scotland and elsewhere”

We’d be delighted if you could join us for the day. The Conference is free. There is also an optional evening dinner and ceilidh, at a cost of £25.00pp.

Register now at


  • Drone image of managed realignment at RSPB Skinflats, near Falkirk
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