Engaging young people in heritage (8 February, 2018)

Young people are a key audience for heritage organisations. HLF encourages the projects that we support to engage with 11-24-year-olds through all of our open programmes, as well as through targeted interventions such as Kick the Dust and Young Roots.

However, research tells us that there are still barriers to young people’s participation.

Our landmark 20 Years in 12 Places research highlighted that young people, alongside the unemployed, and black and minority ethnic people, are all still less involved in heritage than people from other groups. Inequality remains one of the key challenges in modern Britain. The good news is that the research also shows that heritage can play a powerful role in bringing people together and helping to improve perceptions of quality of life.

For this month's live chat we're bringing together some of the #DustKickers – our Heritage Ambassadors - an advisory panel of young people from across the UK who support HLF funding decision-making on Kick the Dust, and help inform our wider thinking about the engagement of young people.

On Thursday 8 February please join John McMahon (HLF’s Policy Adviser for Young People), Heritage Ambassadors Laura Hill, Hannah Keddie and George Rutter, and others, to discuss key questions about how to remove barriers to participation, and make heritage feel relevant to young people

Tune in from 12.30-1.30pm to discover more, ask us any questions you might have, or share your own experiences.


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