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Welcome to our online forum for people connected to our Great Place Scheme programme.

As a UK-wide initiative we know how tricky it can be to get people in the same room so an online community is the perfect way to get folks connected, sharing and learning from each other. Whether you are delivering a project, helping out with evaluation, or you are one of our programme partners the online community is a safe space to ask questions, share experiences and network. It is also a great way to publicise events and activities and let others know the fantastic work you're doing on your Great Place Scheme project.

Our programme evaluators and programme partners will be part of the community and they'll be sharing information and providing help and support to Great Place Scheme projects. We are also planning a programme of guest blogs from place-making experts and practitioners so watch this space.

As the Manager for the Great Place Scheme programme, alongside your Community Manager, Amy Freeborn, I'll be overseeing the community. You're also likely to see other people from HLF dropping in from time to time to help answer questions and join in the conversation.

If this is your first visit, say hello and introduce yourself to the rest of the community and tell us how you are connected to the Great Place Scheme, and do please take a moment to look at our community guidelines. If you are running a Great Place Scheme project the community would like to know what exciting activities you're doing so please post a short summary of your project. Don't worry about going into detail on this post. We'd like you to introduce your Great Place Scheme here.

We need your support to make the community a vibrant and engaging space for sharing knowledge about culture and heritage-led place-making so please get involved. If you come across any technical problems when using the community then please let us know and we'll do our best to get them fixed ASAP.

Amy and I will be on hand to help if you have any questions otherwise please enjoy the online community and I look forward to meeting some of you in here.


proffil Oluwaseun Soyemi's Oluwaseun Soyemi Apr 10 2018 - 9:38am
  1. Morning All, Just to introduce myself. I am the newly appointed Grants and Foundations Office for the RC Diocese of Shrewsbury. Only second day in office so nothing of any substance to say or and serious question to ask.  That won't last!

  2. proffil Ged Simpson's Ged Simpson
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  3. Hi

    I am the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Great Place scheme manager. I've been in post 2 months now and we are starting activity with a CPD and planning day for district arts officers tomorrow.

    It would be great to hear what others are doing - I will post a summary of our plans in the next couple of weeks.



  4. proffil Julie McCarthy's Julie McCarthy
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  5. Hi Julie,

    Welcome to the on-line community and great to hear from you.

    I and the rest of the community look forward to hearing more about some of the exciting things you're doing on your Great Place Scheme project.

    Best, Seun

  6. proffil Oluwaseun Soyemi's Oluwaseun Soyemi
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