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Has anybody created a Sense of Place toolkit and if so please could you recommend some consultants.

Thank you


proffil Claire Poulton's Claire Poulton Jun 14 2018 - 5:14pm
  1. Hello Claire

    Can you say a bit more about what you are trying to do? Is your work about exploring the character of the built environment? Is it about an urban or a rural area? Townscape focussed or something broader?

    And in the meantime here's a few links:

    Bristol Heritage Framework:…

    and Know your Place: 

    Also the Deal Society's conservation area appraisal toolkit: 

    Understanding Glasgow: 

    Understanding Scottish Places:

    Are any of these along the lines of what you're looking for?


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  3. Hi Claire

    So you have “escaped” NT too!

    Some links to some hopefully useful stuff

    Morcambebay Sense of Space Toolkit…

    Clwydian Range AONB Sense of Place Toolkit…

    Bowles Green Toolkit

    A bit older but intersting as its more focussed on heritage led  rural regeneration than the others - written by the University of Cumbria in 2010

    I also have found this useful for settlements in particular:

    Oxford Character Assessment Toolkit…

    At the time that I left NT in 2016 we were carrying out a programme of Spirit of  Place assessments for the properties including the countryside ones like my 5000ha Holnicote Estate in Somerset.  There was a tookit being used internally which will no doubt have been developed further since 2016.  There was a whole bit on community engagement. I'm sure as an ex employee if you dropped a line to Mark Harrold,who is now the Director of Land and Nature, he would point you in the right direction.  We did Statements for the Wellington Monument, Fyne Court and had started on Holnicote whilst I was general manager for that portfolio.

    Very good to hear you are looking after the Beds Greensand.  I use to live near by and am very fond of the area.  In fact I'm up the week of 16th July doing some survey work on historic buildings and their building stones for HE! - but mainly in Cambs. We are writing  9 countybuilding stone atlases over the next couple of years.…

    We'd be intersted in helping with the LPP if the chance ever arose. I'm on the HLF select list of consultants for the natural environment and digital - we specialise in landscape heritage projects, community engagement and interpretation.

    I'm also on the HLF's SW Committee so have been fortunate enough to visit most of the LPPs in the SW.  Such a fantastic range of projects!

    Best wishes


    Phil Collins






  4. proffil Phil Collins's Phil Collins
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  5. Hi Clare, I project managed the Morecambe Bay Sense of Place Toolkit, and am happy to chat about it if that helps. Thanks Phil for suggesting she look at it. 

    We used Nurture Lakeland to prepare the Toolkit, but I'm not sure they provide that sort of consultancy work any more (now rebranded as the Lake District Foundation) and it made sense for us as they knew the place. 

    Countryscape have been involved in preparing several SoP toolkits. They are Manchester based and understand landscape very well.

    Good luck with the project

    Jenny Wain, Morecambe Bay Partnership


  6. proffil Jenny Wain's Jenny Wain
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