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As I am very new to all this can I ask if we are allowed to have our local authority submit a tender for a scheme of work we are looking to start?

We are going to get at least 3 tenders and we know that the local authority will want to submit a quote.


Hope this makes sense



proffil Nicole Broadhurst's Nicole Broadhurst Jul 3 2018 - 10:22am
  1. Hi Nicole

    I don't see why not - same as an in-house archaeology section bidding for an HLF-funded dig contract, which we had in my last Landscape Partnership Scheme.

    However, even more than usual, you need to make sure that your bid assessment process is both fair and seen to be fair - so no LA representation on the selection panel who score the responses (and definitely best to have a panel and not just a single officer decision).  We had myself from the LPS, a community rep from the steering group, and an external third party expert (from Historic England in this case)  for our dig commissioning panel and I'd suggest you do something similar. There's no need for an actual meeting, you can do it by email, but it does give an audit trail to show your selection process was objective and impartial.


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    Absolutely sound advice from Bill so many thanks Bill.  I would also suggest having a quick chat with your HLF case officer or, if you have one, your appointed mentor/monitor.  They should always be willing to help and always best to ensure they know what you are planning for your individual scheme.  I'd also suggest, if you are new to the LP programme, it might be worth buddying up and going to see an LP in delivery or recently completed.  There are over 100 around and again your local HLF case officer should be able to steer you to a local relevant one.

    If you want to contact we to seek ideas on one or two to visit please drop me an e-mail to  


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