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Hi, can anyone help with an insurance conundrum?

The lead partner in our LPS is the Peak District National Park Authority which has purchased a new online volunteer management system called Better Impact.  We are using this for volunteers to register with the partnership.  However, as we work with various other partners including two Wildlife Trusts we have come up against a challenge with regards insurance cover for volunteers.  I'd like all LPS volunteers to register on Better Impact so they can see and sign up to all volunteering opportunities across the partnership; however, one of our Wildlife Trust partners requires volunteers to register with them in order to be covered by their insurance.  It seems cumbersome for people to have to register with two systems.

I have asked our insurers and their response was not very helpful!

Has anyone else come up agains this issue and any solutions?



proffil Karen Shelley-Jones's Karen Shelley-Jones Jul 24 2018 - 10:37am
  1. Hi Karen,

    I experienced something similar when managing Rusland Horizons.  The lead partner is the Lake District National Park, who are also the project leads for 2 of the projects in the scheme.  Other projects are being directly led by the RH staff team, partners or contractors. 

    Volunteers are insured by the organisation leading the project, if this is the RH team or contractor then volunteers are covered by the National Park's insurance.

    It does mean that volunteers need to register with more than one organisation if they are volunteering on more than one project, but there are benefits that come with this - e.g. membership discounts, free parking, access to additional training etc. 

    If a volunteer is working only on a partner's project, then they are not required to register with the national park.  The partners collect all the timesheets, evaluation etc and submit this with their grant claims.

    All events are advertised on the RH website and via the e-newsletter so volunteers can find out what's going on across the scheme.  For mass- volunteering events or taster sessions, volunteers don't need to do the full registration, they just sign in on the day.

    Some people object to the paperwork - I think the only way round that is that volunteers agree when registering that their details will be shared with the other partner organisations, but I think that's unlikely to be popular.

    Hope this helps,


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