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Yesterday we hosted a lively live chat about environmental sustainability and what it means for the heritage sector. We were joined by a panel...
proffil Amy Freeborn's
Amy Freeborn
Our churchyard project is slightly unusual in that the ‘new’ church is 400m away and the normal link was not as strong as might...
proffil Ian Philp's
Ian Philp
Hi everyone Does anyone have experience of using e-portfolios? If so what ones did you use? what was good and what not so good?...
proffil Sharon Goddard's
Sharon Goddard
Hi Everyone, The Greensand Country Landscape Partnership is looking for a Conservation and Project Officer Contract: Full time until December 2020 Salary: £25,951pa (SCP29)...
proffil Claire Poulton's
Claire Poulton
Bore da / Good morning I wondered if I might pick your collective brains. Creative & Cultural Skills is leading on a SftF Stage...
proffil Tom Cosson's
Tom Cosson
If you have a passion for heritage and are keen to become a local decision taker and help shape the future of your local...
proffil Karen Macaulay's
Karen Macaulay
What practical and straightforward methods do you use to collect people's socio-economic group data? The HLF Evaluation Guidelines ask for the socio-economic groups (using...
proffil Nicola Bell's
Nicola Bell
We’re making some changes to our rolling programme guidance and application forms, which will come into effect on 2 October . You will see...
proffil Heather Turvey's
Heather Turvey
I'm commenting on the new evaluation guidance, specifically the recommended budget allocations. My experience is with LPS but I think my comments would be...
proffil Bill Jenman's
Bill Jenman
With the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative in its final few months of delivery we have again partnered with local group, Forth Naturalist & Historian,...
proffil Kate Fuller's
Kate Fuller
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