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In my role working with museums, historic sites, arts and heritage organisations, I sometimes hear that project budgets do not always allow an adequate...
proffil Nicola Bell's
Nicola Bell
Hello everyone! I'm the project coordinator for a small WW1 project and as a part of the project we are going to commission a...
proffil Tatevik Ayvazyan's
Tatevik Ayvazyan
Funder 'Power to Change' has produced a handy guide to working with consultants, available as a PDF here: It includes writing a brief,...
proffil Alice Kershaw's
Alice Kershaw
Looking for recommendations for a flexible and adaptable heritage landscape conservation consultant to carryout a streamlined (cost effective) desk based research, review and summary...
proffil Hayley White's
Hayley White
CAVLP are funding a really interesting project to research and develop a conservation strategy for historic designed landscapes in the partnership area through Scotland's...
proffil Ewan Bachell's
Ewan Bachell
Hi, I'm working to submit a second round application for a project pilotting sustainable re-use of places of worship and am struggling with the...
proffil Ruth Knight's
Ruth Knight
Landscape Partnership seeks Creative Arts Advisor and consultants for fascinating archival research projects THE Cranborne Chase and Chalke Valley Landscape Partnership (LP), a five-year...
proffil Anne Carney's
Anne Carney
Hi I'm working on a Heritage project in Hastings Country Park, East Sussex. We are looking at improving community engagement and understanding of the...
proffil Laura Blackwell's
Laura Blackwell
Hello All, We're approaching the end of our PfP project at Forty Hall and looking to employ an external consultant to help us evaluate...
proffil Verity Roberts's
Verity Roberts
What are the benefits and pitfalls of using AR and VI in heritage fundraising?
proffil Eleanor Davies's
Eleanor Davies
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