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Children sharing photographs of Beighton

Making a difference

How the project achieved HLF’s outcomes for heritage

  • The project identified, uncovered and recorded the heritage of the village. 40 interviews documenting life in the village were recorded and transcribed.
  • Oral history interviews were deposited in Sheffield Archives and the National Coal Mining Museum where they will be well managed and available for people now and in the future.
  • This heritage was explained through a user-friendly website, book, schools resource pack and village trail leaflet.

How the project achieved HLF’s outcomes for people

  • Participants learnt about the heritage of the village through their research.
  • Members of the wider community and visitors to the village developed their knowledge and understanding of this heritage in ways that met their interests and needs. For example, young people involved in a holiday project used the oral histories as the basis for an animated film about Beighton.
  • Participants developed skills in oral history techniques and website management.
  • Children from three primary schools used the resource pack to learn about local history.

How the project achieved HLF’s outcomes for communities

  • More people and a wider range of people engaged with the heritage of the village through the community activities. For example, the creative writing group performed their work publicly as part of Adult Learners Week. The village trail leaflet was picked up in local pubs and libraries, and oral history extracts were featured on Radio Sheffield.
  • Residents felt a greater sense of pride in their village and a stronger sense of belonging, creating a catalyst for regeneration.

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Lessons learnt

The original one-year timescale was too short for the range of activities planned and the project was extended by six months. The time needed to work with a large number of community interviewers and transcribers was underestimated. Interviewers needed time to develop skills and confidence. The administration involved in copying and transcribing interviews was heavier than anticipated.

Full transcriptions of all interviews are not necessary and can slow a project down. 

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