Revealing the Memorial Bells

Children learning about the chiming bells

Making a difference

How the project achieved outcomes for heritage

  • The bells are in better condition and are played regularly. The names on the bells are now visible and additional plaques recording the names of the soldiers have been installed in the belfry.
  • The heritage of the bells is interpreted by a small permanent exhibition in the church.
  • Information about all the soldiers commemorated is recorded in a database.

How the project achieved outcomes for people

  • Participants learnt about the heritage of the First World War, and the lives of the men names on the memorial bells.
  • A range of people developed skills as a result of the project. Young people developed new skills in photography and guiding skills, church staff and volunteers developed research skills and volunteers developed project management skills, through planning and organising the re-dedication event.
  • Local people changed their attitudes to heritage and its importance, and looking after heritage has become a priority for the church community.

How the project achieved outcomes for communities

  • More people and a wider range of people have been able to engage with the memorial bells and the stories behind them, particularly disabled and elderly people, who now have access to information, recordings and images of the bells through the exhibition and website.

Lessons learnt

The amount of time allocated to project management was underestimated as two days a week would have been more realistic than one. Managing the input from young people was the most difficult aspect of the project, but ultimately the most successful, as they provided new ideas and developed their own talents.

The impact of a well planned launch, or dedication event, is huge, both for those attending and the volunteers running the day.  It would have been easier if a more structured approach had ensured that the volunteers’ skills were more closely matched to tasks.

Yn ôl i ben y dudalen