St Christopher's Bells Ringing and Restoration

Willingale Parochial Church Council was awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant for the restoration of the bells at St Christopher's Church, which allowed the return of change ringing.

Change ringing is the traditional art of ringing a set of tuned bells in a series of mathematical patterns called changes. It differs from many other forms of bell ringing in that no attempt is made to produce a conventional melody.

St Christopher’s dates from 1320 and is a Grade II* listed building. The bells were cast in 1610, 1631, 1634 and 1797, and are listed by the Council for Care of Churches as historically significant. Before the restoration, four of the five bells at St Christopher's were noticeably out of tune and the timber frame installation and the bells were in a dilapidated condition. Skilled volunteers used traditional techniques and materials for much of the restoration and construction work, some of which was carried out in a workshop on a nearby farm. The project also encouraged local people to become more involved with the congregation, and in particular the bell ringing band. 

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